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A North Korean official lashes out at comments by Vice President Mike Pence, calling him a "political dummy"
5/24/2018 1:12 AM
A North Korean official has lashed out at US Vice President Mike Pence and said Pyongyang is ready for a nuclear showdown if dialogue with the United States fails. ...Read More
Pentagon"s damning assessment of Kim regime made public
5/23/2018 5:46 PM
With the proposed June 12 summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the balance, the Pentagon has made public a damning assessment of Kim"s regime that concludes its primary function is to ensure "perpetual Kim family rule" at the expense of the well-being of the North Korean people. Read More
Trump team praises brutal North Korean leader
5/23/2018 5:38 PM
President Donald Trump changes tone on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. CNN"s Brian Todd reports. ...Read More
Analysis: The Trump presidency is a win for China
5/24/2018 1:51 AM
There"s been a whole lot of winning so far during the Trump presidency -- for China. ...Read More
US wants more high-level talks before summit
5/23/2018 5:56 PM
The Trump administration wants additional high-level talks with North Korea and assurances from Kim Jong Un that he is committed to giving up his nuclear program before next month"s planned historic summit in order for the meeting to go ahead, a senior administration official involved in planning for the talks told CNN. Read More
"We will know next week about Singapore," Trump says
5/23/2018 11:44 AM
President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that further clarity about his upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un would come next week. ...Read More
CNN to see destruction of North Korea nuclear test site
5/23/2018 5:39 AM
Despite uncertainty surrounding the proposed summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, CNN"s Will Ripley reports that a small group of international journalists will be able to witness the dismantling of a North Korean nuclear test site. Read More
Justice Dept. will now brief bipartisan group on confidential intel source
5/23/2018 10:26 PM
The Trump administration is still moving forward with its plan to brief a pair of House Republicans on Thursday on a confidential intelligence source in the Russia investigation, but it is also planning a bipartisan "Gang of Eight" briefing on the matter next month. Read More
Erin Burnett: Trump"s conspiracy theory is working
5/23/2018 6:39 PM
CNN"s Erin Burnett says President Trump and friends have unleashed a "coordinated assault" on the Justice Department by pushing Trump"s conspiracy theory that the FBI planted spies in his campaign. ...Read More
NBA player had hands in pockets before being tackled and tased
5/23/2018 11:06 PM
Milwaukee"s police chief apologized on Wednesday for the actions of officers involved in the January arrest of Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown. ...Read More

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